Ocean Blue Set

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Six extra large Ocean Blue granite drink stones, cotton bag, and stainless steel tongs.

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Taste your drink, not your ice! The artisans at Northwoods Drink Stones hand select and cut Ocean Blue drink stones from the finest pieces of granite, then tumble them to remove any sharp edges. Use them in place of ice to naturally cool a beverage without adding water. Perfect for brandy, whiskey, tequila, wine, and other beverages!

Most drink stones are much smaller than Northwoods Drink Stones. Our stones have twice the weight of most others! They average 3 cm on each side, rather than only 2 cm cubes. The extra large stones stay cold longer, and exhibit the characteristic beauty of our granite. Each bag includes six Ocean Blue stones.

Before their first use, hand wash and dry the stones. Place them in the freezer for several hours (preferably overnight). Carefully add 1-2 stones to a glass using the provided tongs. To prevent damage to your glassware, avoid dropping the stones. Add your favorite beverage, wait several minutes, remove stones (if desired) then enjoy! Hand wash and dry the stones before placing them back in the freezer.


Included in the set:
-6 extra large Ocean Blue drink stones, made with pride in Wisconsin
-1 cotton bag, for storage in the freezer
-1 set of stainless steel tongs, for easy handling of the stones
-Directions for use

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Northwoods Stone Cutters and SOR Designworks LLC are not responsible for any damage to person or property. Drink Stones are not intended for consumption. Do not eat or chew the stones. Please drink responsibly.

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